Christ Church, New Zealand. Wellington, New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand. Hobart, Australia. Sydney, Australia. Brisbane, Australia. Adelaide, Australia. Cairns, Australia. Eucla, Australia. Darwin, Australia. Perth, Australia. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Jayapura, Indonesia. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Surabaya, Indonesia. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bangkok, Thailand. Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Shanghai, China. Chittagong, Bangladesh. Chennai, India. Colombo, Sri Lanka. Mumbai, India. New Delhi, India. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Kuwait City, Kuwait. Tehran, Iran. Novosibirsk, Russia. Irkutsk, Russia. Beijing, China. Doha, Qatar. Kagoshima, Japan. Tokyo, Japan. Sapporo, Japan. Utsjoki, Finland. Helsinki, Finland. Saint Petersburg, Russia. Stockholm, Sweden. Oslo, Norway. Copenhagen, Denmark. Warsaw, Poland. Moscow, Russia. Frankfurt, Germany. Paris, France. London, United Kingdom. Reykjavik, Iceland. Nuuk, Greenland. Madrid, Spain. Rome, Italy. Athens, Greece. Tunis, Tunisia. Casablanca, Morocco. Cairo, Egypt. Port Sudan, Sudan. Mogadishu, Somalia. Antananarivo, Madagascar. Beira, Mozambique. Maputo, Mozambique. Johannesburg, South Africa. Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa. Luanda, Angola. Lagos, Nigeria. Monrovia, Liberia. Seattle, USA. Toronto, Canada. Anchorage, USA. Vancouver, Canada. Yakutat, USA. Savoonga, USA. Arctic Bay, Canada. Gander, Canada. Boston, USA. New York, USA. Detroit, USA. Atlanta, USA. Houston, USA. Los Angeles, USA. Mexico City, Mexico. Cancun, Mexico. Managua, Nicaragua. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Quito, Ecuador. Bogota, Colombia. Caracas, Venezuela. Cayenne, France. Salvador, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rio Grande, Argentina. Punta Arenas, Chile. Santiago, Chile. Iquique, Chile. Dakar, Senegal. Miami, USA. Nairobi, Kenya. Jakarta, Indonesia. Guadalajara, Mexico. Sao Luis, Brazil.

The Flat Earth map which I have used in this project is made of Trekky0623 and have been transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by MathiasRav.

The red hotspots on the map, with links to, they are added by me, Pete. I am the admin of this site ( The hotspots on the Image Map above represent 100 different cities spread all over the world. The original map was a bit smaller, so I changed the size to 816 X 816 pixels.

The flat Earth map is a projection (azimuthal equidistant projection) of the fictional spherical Earth. It has a lot of similarities to the logo of the United Nations. To be more precise; the continents have the same shape on both maps, and the distance between the continents are also the same.

The purpose to have the cities on the Flat Earth map:

There are a few reasons to have the 100 links (hotspots) on the map. The purpose is to make it easier and faster for researchers and skeptics to find out that the flat Earth map makes a lot of sense when they compare the standard times between the cities. At the same time, you can also see and understand, that the fictional "non-stop flight times" between the southern continents makes no sense at all (in the Southern Hemisphere). I want to encourage you to use the sites and (or other similar sites) with the map above (with cities and times) to understand better that there are fake flights to disprove the flat Earth map.

The researching becomes much faster to do with this tool since you have the cities and the standard times ready on the map (just hover the cursor upon the red dots for two secs and the pop-up title will show you the name of the city and the UTC/GMT). The so-called "standard time" is the same as "local time", "winter time" and "normal time" when there is no Daylight Saving (DST) in use.

Your rights to use the Image Map:

I now release the "Flat Earth Map with Cities" to the public. I give you the right to copy the source code and the image to your website, as long as you keep the comment section in the source code intact, that means, everything which is between <!--- and -->.

Keep the HTML-page and the image in the same folder or the source code will not work without modification. Be also aware of that the hotspot links might become outdated in the future. It is then in your responsibility to update the links so that they lead to the appropriate pages, as long you have the Image Map online. You also need to know, that you can't change the image size. If you do so, the hotspot coordinates will be in wrong places.

To get the map to work you will need to upload ONLY the first two files from this link.

A Recommendation or two:

I recommend and encourage you to look at the animation made by Rob Skiba (How the 4 seasons work on the Flat Earth model) to understand better the movements of the sun and the moon upon the flat Earth. The movements and times of the Sun is an essential thing to know, or you will not understand the connection and logic between the times of the cities and the Flat Earth Map.

Another video I highly recommend has the title "Zen Garcia Plots the Course of the Sun Over the Flat Earth"  and is handling the same topic from an another perspective.

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